Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sconce Series: A Lyrical Ensemble Piece

In a recent client project, I designed12 organic sconces for a hotel lobby. I believe a hotel lobby project is an ensemble piece--variations on a theme, a corps du ballet with no soloist. I wanted each sconce to relate and respond to one another, creating a sense of movement throughout the lobby.

This approach also gives a sort of narrative to the space, a way of moving and experiencing the space as a whole not just a still life. As the hotel guest enters the lobby multiple points of interest are created and the eye travels with the flow of the design.

In a large space, having 1 beautiful sconce or multiples of the same would read as bland, and make the narrative fall flat. As with all my work, I wanted the sconces to enliven the room, to bring movement and energy and life. Unifying the space so that the lobby is experienced as a cohesive whole, the lobby becomes the focal point, and the perfect place in which to receive a guest.

I hope you enjoy them.

My best,

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  1. Absolutely love these Laura, as well as the underlying concept of creating a narrative within a space. Wherever these end up, the client will be lucky.

    Keep up the amazing work...

    Ivy Eyes Editing